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Ring of Elysium

“Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter. We need more feedback to create a better polished game. With players joining the game earlier, we can understand our players better and adjust the final version accordingly.”

Everyone needs a little RAINBOW ! ! ! !

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ArmA 3

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    XSV welcomes other gaming communities to our servers. If there is an issue in-game, we encourage the leadership of those communities to come and talk to us in order to resolve said issues. 


    General Server Rules

    1. Don’t be a dick, respect all players and admins.

    2. Do not tell the staff how to do their jobs.

    3. Slandering of the server will not be tolerated.

    4. Duping, hacking, exploiting, and glitching will all result in an immediate permanent ban across all XSV services.

    5. All in-game admin decisions are final. Do not argue with staff in-game, if you feel the need to discuss it, you can either join our Discord (http://www.xsvcommunity.com/discord) or create a topic on our forum. Be sure to remain calm, and clearly state your case. 

                - A server manager can make a final decision on any matter. However, any other server manager can object to the final decision and require the matter to go before the council. This can occur only once and will require a simple majority.

    6. Impersonating staff members will result in a permanent ban across all XSV services.

    7. Racism, harassment, bullying, sexual comments, death threats, and personal insults are not acceptable. This includes but is not limited to: base, player, VON, and group names.

    8. Advertising other game servers and communities is not allowed.

    9. English only in sidechat. As an addendum, do not expect admins to speak your language. They probably don’t.

    10. Continued trolling & complaining in side chat will not be tolerated and will result in a removal of your ability to use it.


    Game Play Rules

    1. Stealing in safezone is not allowed, EVEN IF IT IS YOUR OWN VEHICLE. There are no loopholes. Essentially, if you didn't bring it into safezone then it isn't yours. This includes vehicles, crates, weapons, backpacks, or anything that you don't haul in yourself. 

    2. Safezone protection lasts a short amount of time once outside the "dome of protection". Once the protection timer runs out, players are fair game. You MUST be observant of your surroundings, as there are no safezone camping rules in place. This does not mean you can use safezone protection to ram other players outside of safezone in order to kill them. 

    3. Trolling and/or griefing in safezone is not allowed. Staying inside of a safezone just to troll will most likely result in you being teleported away and stripped of your gear.

    4. Blocking other players ability to access traders is not allowed, and will be considered trolling.

    5. No building, modifying base, adding locks, or exploiting lock timers while being raided. A raid ends when all the raiding party members have died and are no longer in the immediate area of the base. The base inhabitants are then allowed to start replacing items. If a raider sees someone building, all they have to do is put the other player into combat to discontinue building.

    6. Air to air, air to base, and air to ground kamikaze is not allowed. Additionally, ramming with bicycles is prohibited. Ground vehicle to vehicle ramming is permitted with all other ground vehicles.

    7. Do not grief spawns, I.E: repeatedly and excessively killing bambis as they spawn in.

    8. Operating drones from safezone is not allowed.

    9. Rearming vehicles in safe zone is prohibited.


    Building Rules

    1. NO building within the following distances:

                -2000 Meters from the edge of any safezone, with no line of sight.

                -500 Meters from any Military Loot area.

                -1000 Meters from any spawn zone.

    2. Flags must be stealable.  There are no exceptions.

    3. Safes/Containers must be placed in a room accessible by a door. Flags can be completely walled off, but there must be at least one point of access that is capable of being destroyed in order to gain access.

    4. You cannot stack walls or doors, walls and doors must be spaced in order to walk between them, with no floating objects. HESCO barriers may be placed outside or inside of walls, but they must to merge with the wall and prevent explosives from being planted.

    5. Bases must not block the MSR (Main Supply Route).

    6. Height limit for base building is 25 Meters measured from the ground.


    Additional Info

    1. Base payments are due every 14 days. You cannot stack payments.

    2. To use the private messaging feature, type !chat into the chatbox.

    3. Compensation claims are only for issues that occur as a result of server side problems. Claims must have valid video proof and posted on the forums.

    4. Do NOT leave your vehicle in a safezone over a server restart. It will unlock and be considered fair game for other players to take. NO compensation for vehicles left unattended in asafezone.

    5. Another player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules.

    6. If you feel an admin was abusing their powers, please tag @Community Staff on the Discord, and they will gladly look into it and provide you with a copy of the admin log for that specific time/admin in question.

                -Admin abuse claims must be followed with proof, if you call admin abuse simply because you were killed, this will result in you no longer receiving any admin assistance. Continued unfounded claims will result in a ban.


    Further clarification and enforcement of the rules is at admin discretion.

    These rules are subject to change at any time and without notice. Ignorance of any changes made is not an excuse to break them.





    Thank you for your cooperation.




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Created by a group of gamers that spent years together, dedicated to having a good time and staying out of the dramatic world of PC gamers. Built on friendship and irritating servers, XSV has been a thriving community of people just looking to have a good time.