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  4. *** This guide will be updated periodically when new ideas come to mind *** There are a lot of people in the xsvCommunity who enjoy playing shooter games and have tried to switch over to Siege. While many of you are great at aiming, there are some things that are different about Siege that I feel you could use some pointers on. These are not set in stone and are completely open for (polite) debate. These are basic tips to keep in mind while on both Attack and Defense. Please don’t belittle anyone for not understand what you think are basic topics – everyone is relatively new to the game. ALL OF THESE POINTS WILL WORK FOR EVERY GAME MODE OF SIEGE. - Basics - POINTS DO NOT MATTER. At the end of the game, the only thing that matters is that the team wins. K/D, score, nothing else matters. Try to keep this in mind, because this will help you understand many of the points I bring up later on. Attack Droning: This is the main thing that I was hinting at with the “POINTS DON’T MATTER” portion. It does not matter if you identify where the bomb is. The main thing you need to worry about when in the drone portion of the attacking round (first 30 seconds) is where to put your drone. To your team, verbally identify where the bomb is if you find it and immediately get your drone on the peripherals of the sites. Why? This is to identify who the roamers are and where they are going. Try to spread your drones throughout the map so that it doesn’t take as long to drone out said roamers. The faster you can clear out the exterior of the bomb sites, the more time you have to close fast on the bomb sites and wait for the defense to make mistakes. You are now in control of the round, and can take your time with your attack. Communications: Accurate and timely communications can mean the difference between an easy round and a loss. Work on learning the map and all of its callouts. Most maps have common callouts: i.e. “Yellow Stairs” (or “Yellow”), “Blue Stairs” (“Blue”), “Red Stairs” (“Red”), etc. The callouts for these areas are often very obvious – if you don’t know the callout, what is the defining feature of the location this person is in? That is more than likely the callout. Try to get as much info as you can before making the callout: How many? What Operator/s is it? Is he holding an angle? Is he pushing? Is he inside or repelled on a window? Do they have a hard breacher (Thermite/Hibana/Maverick)? Is it a Twitch drone? Where? Get as much info as quickly as you can and make a timely call. Make sure everyone is ready before moving in to take the site: Do you guys have the flank covered? Is anyone going to try to flank? Do you have a hardbreacher? If not, do you have a suitable distraction taken care of so that you can get through the doorway/window you want to breach? Defense Do not reinforce between sites: There are special circumstances where you MIGHT reinforce between sites, but unless you have a plan laid out for doing so NEVER reinforce between sites. Typically you’ll even want to blow a rotation hole open with an impact grenade to make it easier to see and move from site to site without going through chokepoints like doors or windows. Look for walls that are on the exterior of the sites and reinforce there: Quick and simple rule = if you don’t know where to reinforce, reinforce a wall that’s on the exterior of the sites you are defending or in an area where you notice attackers breaching often. Lose a round to a fast rush from an area near site that no one noticed? Go reinforce that wall next time! Try to have a well-rounded team: This is a two-part tip: Choose an operator that you believe will be useful for the site you are defending. Based off how the current meta is played, how do you think the other team will attack your site? Choose operators based off of that. Play operators that will not only defend your sites well but complement each other. What will complete your team? Notice that your team already has a Jaeger, Bandit, Rook, and a Lesion? Consider what your team is missing. In this scenario, you could be missing an operator that will bring your team additional intel. Maybe a Valkyrie would complete it. Maestro or Echo would also be a good fit.
  5. acer5200

    Goodbye my friend...

    Currahee320 Thank you for making the trip to my home and for the kind and inspiring words you had for my son. I am so glad that our family now sees that being a gamer is NOT the same as playing games on the computer as I have been trying to explain to them for years. To see that Acer was so much more and meant so much to other people. It has been a very rough week for me as you can imagine. Keep Ace's "snarkiness" alive and let him NOT be forgotten. Respectfully, Judie Rebele aka Maniac_Mom aka Acer's mom. God Speed to all
  6. SiixSeasons

    Goodbye my friend...

    Jason, I never got to know you as well as everyone else did. Life has happened the past few months for me andI haven’t been around as much as I’d have liked. But I saw the effect that you had on the others in the organization. You were a natural leader to a lot of people in XsV. You were fun, you were steady. Rest easy, brother.
  7. Zombiekiller5072

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer, though I have never played with you and sadly will ever get the chance to get to meet you, I'm still grieving at the fact that someone in this community who everyone loved dearly and it upsets me so much to see this happen to someone so young who had their whole life ahead of them suddenly be taken away because of a couple of seconds. To his family... I can't imagine the sadness going through this family, I've been grateful to never experience the hardship of a family member pass away yet but I could imagine it would be very hard to deal with especially when it's you child. I just want to say that Jason, from what i've heard was an amazing person to be around and was loved throughout not only this community but many other communities and he'll be missed dearly. You raised an amazing person who was talented and loved and I hope he is at peace now.
  8. Kamyrn

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer, you were an amazing person, you were a super funny person. I remember when I first met you back on exile and we played countless hours with friends, those were some really fun times. Life is so weird, your playing and having fun with someone one day, and the next they are gone. I’m sorry you had to go so early buddy, I miss you a lot, you’ve done so much for the community it’s amazing, you were raised to be a truly great person.
  9. Sch1ndlersFist

    Goodbye my friend...

    Jason, I'm so glad that I was fortunate enough to be able to know you and game with you. It's still hard to believe that one night I'm playing Rainbow 6 with you and then not even 24 hours later I learn that you have left us. I'm going to miss you being around not only as a gamer but as a fellow leader in this community. You did so much for us and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Jason's parents for raising such a wonderful and talented young man that will be forever missed by me and so many in the online communities. Love, Matt
  10. foesublime

    Goodbye my friend...

    ACER....you did so much for bringing the community more and more together, with all the time spent engrossed in coding and bringing people like Rose in. Thank you for all that you did and for playing games with us and yelling at me to shut up...It's surreal to say the least, fly high my friend.
  11. Colby

    Goodbye my friend...

    Let me start off by saying this isn’t easy for me to say goodbye, it’s not fair that I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and I honestly don’t want to say goodbye I rather say I’ll see you soon.. you were one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life I enjoyed every moment we had especially the raging ones when we yelled at each other. It hurts me to write this I rather be writing I’ll see you later tonight so we can kick some butt.. I’ll forever keep doing that favorite noise I’ve always did and you cried laughing on arma 3 days, I wish made that ringtone for you when I had the chance. you were raised by an amazing loving family I wish nothing but the best for them my prayers are with you. i will miss you and I promise I’ll see you again. Rest In Peace Jason (acer)
  12. Hully76

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer..... this one is tearing me up on the inside. You were still young and had lots ahead of you. I have more respect for you then you would have ever known. You went down a carrier path that I once was on. And that path is not for every one, Especially for the weak minded. I am no longer on that path. For personal reasons. But when some one on that path has lost there life, my heart still bleeds. You were are a kind and helpful person that will be missed. (Hell I still hear your voice in the back of my head. A Voice I will never forget.) You have helped this community out more then you know, And saying thank you is not enough. To the family and loved ones. I extend our sincerest condolences on the grievous loss you are suffering. You have raised a good men. Never doubt that you haven’t. He will be missed. And my prayers are with you all. Goodbye and Rest In Peace Jason (Acer) - Jonathan (Hully)
  13. Rose (RC) Jackson

    Goodbye my friend...

    writing this post has defeated me, every time i think about whats happened i struggle to come to terms with whats happened. acer was one hell of a guy, a good staff member, loyal worker an inspiration to everyone but most importantly.. he was a friend. one that would always stick up for me no matter what crap i put in the way. i'm not an easy person to deal with at the best of times but.. he always was there whenever i needed him. he always stood up for me no matter what it was. he threw himself into the deep end for me, for no reason... i have quite the debt to repay he was a proud person, loved his job, loved the people who surrounded him.. just acer.. i fucking love you man, one day i hope i repay my debt to you. goodbye friend, i'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass - rose
  14. KotRShadow

    Goodbye my friend...

    Hi, Acer, why did you leave that early, buddy??? I wish I knew you better. You will always stay with us in our memories, in our hearts. Rest in peace, dear friend! We will never forget you! To Acer's family: you did amazing job raising your son, be proud of him. He was a good man and a great friend.
  15. acer5200

    Goodbye my friend...

    This is his mom. I'm speechless from all the wonderful memories and words that the gaming community has for Jase. I was always worried that he didn't have a social life but after hacking into his computer (shhhh don't tell} I have come to realize he socialized more than any of us knew. I guess this is the way of the new world. Again Thank you all. I was going to open a Go Fund Me page but have decided instead to ask the gaming community to make Donations in his name to any of the following: The American Lung Association (his father has end stage COPD/Emphysemia) The Disabled American Veterans (DAV - his dad is a Vietnam Vet) The Humane Society The Police Athletic League and finally if you ever get a phone solicitation from the Police Benevolent Association, PLEASE Do Not Hang Up!!! Again thank you for all your well wishes and kind words. I realize i wasn't such a bad mom as I thought! Please share my thanks with the other boards he was involved in. You can leave me messages by PM on his FB page ; Jason Rebele
  16. okaysahin__2@hotmail.com

    Goodbye my friend...

    Good bye my dear admin 😥 Rest in Peace Jason Rebele
  17. AWildTeddyBear

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer by far was a character. Especially when it came to games like rocket league. Nicknamed "rocket reeague" after him because he used to get so pissed at the game if his teammates were bad. Funny as shit. By far one of the best friends i ever had as well. Helped me through a lot of tough shit and stuck his neck out for me for a lot as well. It's the reason why I'm even here at XSV. He brought me here. I'm gunna miss the star wars puns and joke that i never got cause i never really liked the series. Could tell he honestly liked them though. The rest i cannot simply put into words. Acer was a best friend to me. I don't know how to explain someone so close just vanishing one day. Still doesn't feel real. In conclusion though, i won't ever forget acer. And as said before, one of the best friends i've ever had. Will miss you acer.
  18. Currahee320

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer buddy, it sucks that you aren't here anymore to wow us with stories from the yard, or play games with us well into the night. You were gone too soon. It sucks to not be able to hear your snarky "yes dad", or any of the other Acerisms you bestowed upon us. I still find it difficult to believe. One night I am listening to you guys play R6S, the next night, gone. I was always impressed with your technical skill and personable abilities. I honestly cannot remember anyone speaking ill of you. You were our ambassador and diplomat to other communities. Everyone knew Acer, and Acer knew everyone. I remember the first time we met you. We were all playing Exile in your server, and you played with us and helped us the whole time. Even when others wanted to shun us. Since then you have become a true friend in every sense of the word. If I had to describe you, it would be to say you were a true renaissance man. Someone who was capable of doing many things, and doing them well. Famous Sci-Fi writer Robert Heinlein once wrote "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." I can think of no better quote to sum up your character and heart. Hell, even my son was sad to hear you go. He remembers us chatting several times and was genuinely sad. That is just a fraction of how far your influence spread, and an ever smaller fraction of how much you will be missed. A phrase comes to mind when I think back to the value of your friendship and camaraderie when we knew you were gone, it was like watching a beautiful sunset, at noon. To Acer's family: I cannot fathom the pain you must feel, and any words I say cannot come close to expressing my condolences. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose my own son and it terrifies me like nothing else. You should all be proud beyond words of everything your son accomplished, not only in life but within the gaming community as well. I don't even mean technically, I mean personally and as a great human being. Your son was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He could be raunchy as the best of them, strictly professional, adaptive, caring, and very empathetic towards his fellow man. I am forced to wonder why he was taken from us so young. It is then I realize that maybe he wasn't meant to be here long with us, but maybe he was meant to touch our lives in the ways that he did. I consider myself beyond fortunate to have known him and have called him a friend. Thank you for raising a wonderful son, and helping him to become a man I respected. A man whom I would be proud to have my son emulate. I can think of no higher praise.
  19. Team XSV

    Goodbye my friend...

    As a result of Acer’s sudden passing, most of us (if not all of us) never got a chance to say goodbye or let him know how he impacted our lives. Additionally, many of us would like a way to pass on our condolences to Acer’s loved ones. In order to facilitate that we are starting this forum posting to gather well wishes and to share personal stories of our dealings with Acer and how he enriched all of our lives. If you can remember a time where he helped you out, or just said a kind word and laughed with you, feel free to share it. Please know that the intent of this forum is not only for us to say goodbye, but also for us to express our admiration and our condolences to Acer’s family.
  20. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our own. Jason Rebele, otherwise known as @acer5200 or Dr. McNinja, passed away on September 20 th, 2018. At only 26 years old, Acer was a well-known and well-respected leader within our community. Additionally, he was well known in many other gaming communities as well as the Arma 3 community as a developer and administrator. Acer’s tireless work throughout the Arma community was appreciated beyond what words could describe. He was seen by many as a fair and highly competent administrator and developer in the many communities he participated in. His tireless contributions and efforts helped to ensure that several communities game servers functioning properly and efficiently. Not only will his technical abilities and contributions be missed, but his friendship and comradery will be felt as an even greater loss for all who knew him. His family is setting up a GoFundMe account for donations. Even if you are unable to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the page in whatever social media outlet you desire. Once that information has been acquired, we will disseminate it to various community leaders as quickly as possible. The memorial service for Acer will be Sunday, September 30th from 1pm-5pm, those interested in attending can contact @BlynD or @Currahee320 for more info. Letters, gifts, and donations will be sent as a group with a community representative. A thread in the forums is being created for anyone that would like to say good bye to @acer5200 . Afterwards, the thread will be sent to his family to show how much he meant to everyone.
  21. Check out our SCUM Server! Search "XSV" in the server browser. IP Address:
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    mods.7z IPHLPAPI.dll
  23. ArmA 3 2018.08.26 -
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    Just a reminder, SCUM goes early access on Steam in 4 days (29Aug2018). Be sure to check it out.
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    Never mine. figured it out. I had a corrupt file.
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    The new map is missing a mod. something that has to do with buildings? AI floating in air and walking around (down/up stairs) like there in a building but there not.
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