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Ring of Elysium

“Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter. We need more feedback to create a better polished game. With players joining the game earlier, we can understand our players better and adjust the final version accordingly.”

Everyone needs a little RAINBOW ! ! ! !

Check out our community Rainbow Six Guide !!

ArmA 3

ArmA Forum


  1. ArmA 3 Server Rules   (202 visits to this link)

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    A knowledgebase for all things ARMA related.

  3. XSV ARMA 3 Unit   (208 visits to this link)

  4. Compensation Claims

    All Exile compensation requests can be submitted here. Proof is required. All claims will be handled when an admin is available. 

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About us

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Created by a group of gamers that spent years together, dedicated to having a good time and staying out of the dramatic world of PC gamers. Built on friendship and irritating servers, XSV has been a thriving community of people just looking to have a good time.