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“Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter. We need more feedback to create a better polished game. With players joining the game earlier, we can understand our players better and adjust the final version accordingly.”

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    Rainbow 6 Siege Beginner's Guide

    *** This guide will be updated periodically when new ideas come to mind ***
    There are a lot of people in the xsvCommunity who enjoy playing shooter games and have tried to switch over to Siege. While many of you are great at aiming, there are some things that are different about Siege that I feel you could use some pointers on. These are not set in stone and are completely open for (polite) debate. These are basic tips to keep in mind while on both Attack and Defense. Please don’t belittle anyone for not understand what you think are basic topics – everyone is relatively new to the game.
    - Basics -
    POINTS DO NOT MATTER. At the end of the game, the only thing that matters is that the team wins. K/D, score, nothing else matters. Try to keep this in mind, because this will help you understand many of the points I bring up later on.
    Droning: This is the main thing that I was hinting at with the “POINTS DON’T MATTER” portion. It does not matter if you identify where the bomb is. The main thing you need to worry about when in the drone portion of the attacking round (first 30 seconds) is where to put your drone. To your team, verbally identify where the bomb is if you find it and immediately get your drone on the peripherals of the sites. Why? This is to identify who the roamers are and where they are going. Try to spread your drones throughout the map so that it doesn’t take as long to drone out said roamers. The faster you can clear out the exterior of the bomb sites, the more time you have to close fast on the bomb sites and wait for the defense to make mistakes. You are now in control of the round, and can take your time with your attack. Communications: Accurate and timely communications can mean the difference between an easy round and a loss. Work on learning the map and all of its callouts. Most maps have common callouts: i.e. “Yellow Stairs” (or “Yellow”), “Blue Stairs” (“Blue”), “Red Stairs” (“Red”), etc. The callouts for these areas are often very obvious – if you don’t know the callout, what is the defining feature of the location this person is in? That is more than likely the callout. Try to get as much info as you can before making the callout: How many? What Operator/s is it? Is he holding an angle? Is he pushing? Is he inside or repelled on a window? Do they have a hard breacher (Thermite/Hibana/Maverick)? Is it a Twitch drone? Where? Get as much info as quickly as you can and make a timely call. Make sure everyone is ready before moving in to take the site: Do you guys have the flank covered? Is anyone going to try to flank? Do you have a hardbreacher? If not, do you have a suitable distraction taken care of so that you can get through the doorway/window you want to breach?                 Defense
    Do not reinforce between sites: There are special circumstances where you MIGHT reinforce between sites, but unless you have a plan laid out for doing so NEVER reinforce between sites. Typically you’ll even want to blow a rotation hole open with an impact grenade to make it easier to see and move from site to site without going through chokepoints like doors or windows. Look for walls that are on the exterior of the sites and reinforce there: Quick and simple rule =  if you don’t know where to reinforce, reinforce a wall that’s on the exterior of the sites you are defending or in an area where you notice attackers breaching often. Lose a round to a fast rush from an area near site that no one noticed? Go reinforce that wall next time! Try to have a well-rounded team: This is a two-part tip:  
    Choose an operator that you believe will be useful for the site you are defending. Based off how the current meta is played, how do you think the other team will attack your site? Choose operators based off of that. Play operators that will not only defend your sites well but complement each other. What will complete your team? Notice that your team already has a Jaeger, Bandit, Rook, and a Lesion? Consider what your team is missing. In this scenario, you could be missing an operator that will bring your team additional intel. Maybe a Valkyrie would complete it. Maestro or Echo would also be a good fit.

    Loading & Playing Exile

    Want to play Exile but you’re having problems getting Exile loaded correctly? Buckle up buttercup.
    Exile is a great mod to play, the only problem is that you need to load it differently than normal mods found in the Steam Workshop. There are two ways to load and play Exile. The first is to use the vanilla ARMA 3 launcher that is located in your steam library. Before you do that, you need to download the Exile Mod at Exile Mod . This step is somewhat more involved, but it can be done.
    The second (and some would argue easier way) method is to go to A3 Launcher and download the A3 Launcher. I know I know, “another damn launcher”, and normally I would agree. However, in this case it is worth the extra effort/space. The launcher allows you to download Exile and any other mod in one convenient place. It is almost a duplication of effort, but is handy enough to be useful on its own. The launcher is relatively simple to use. Once the launcher is loaded, find the server you want to join (Hint: XSV Exile Altis 100k Start xsvcommunity.com ) and click the play button in the far right of the window. If it is your first time playing Exile you can click on Mods in the top bar and scroll to see the progress of the mods as they install.
    Even if you just want to use the launcher to install Exile, you can still launch your game from the vanilla ARMA launcher. All you need to do is open the ARMA launcher, click parameters in the left hand side, click the all parameters tab at the top, and then click the ellipse (three dots) on the Mods: line. Navigate to where your Exile folder is located (usually in your documents folder for your computer, if you can’t find it then do a search for it and then point to it in the launcher). Once this is done you can load and launch from the vanilla ARMA launcher.  

    Arma 3 Exile Guidebook (FAQs)

    This is a list of compiled tips and tricks from current and former players in Arma 3/Arma 3 Exile Mod. The majority of it is still pertinent to the current versions of the mod; as a disclaimer, I will warn you to take each tip on this list with a grain of salt (as it may have changed with recent patches or additions to code.) This guide is a living document, which means as time goes by I will continually edit and update this list as new ways to play Exile are found and made method.
    EXILE GUIDE - By Reichtangle
    1. Servers with more realism-themed mods will make parachute jumping more risky. Initial jump to approx. 120m before ground and pull your chute - high altitude and low opening jumps ensure the largest chance of survival and not being shot out of the sky. Reverse method to high altitude jump if you know there's no threat nearby, especially if you're observing the ground for particular places to hide or vehicles. Landing speed should be somewhere in between 5km/h and 20km/h, this varies depending on how close to real life the mod gets. Any faster and you'll either take damage or die.
    2. Most windshields of vanilla Arma vehicles will resist calibers up to 7.62; 9.3 and up will go straight through with exception of the Strider which requires 12.7 to ensure you're getting through to what you're aiming at, meaning the Lynx and .408 LRR are your best bet.
    3. If you don't have a night optic (NVS, Nightstalker, Thermals) the next go-to is to switch to fullscreen non-windowed and turn the gamma up to max; This will bring moving objects into higher contrast and make it easier for you to see despite not having night vision.
    4. Most armored vehicles will turn into a paper tiger if you knock out the tracks/wheels, so aim for those first if you're without a launcher. They can't hit what they can't see and not being able to move is a "mobility kill" i.e. they can't really chase you down. Most tires take anywhere between 5 and 9 shots to blow out, tracks you have to aim for the small "bogeys" or support wheels.
    5. Long distance shooting will pose a problem when the target "landsharks", or appears submerged in the dirt. At max magnification for an LRPS this means you have to aim ~6 inches higher, or approximately the height of the head on most Arma actor models. The hitbox is raised but what you see in the server in real-time is not, therefore six inches means you're hitting where the server thinks they are and not where they look like.
    6. Suppressors are not 100% silent and nor is it a good idea to put one on a machine gun like the SPMG or Navid. If you do use them, do not fire in bursts as this will completely negate the purpose of having the suppressor in the first place.
    7. Auto-hover in vehicles is both your friend and your enemy. If you ever feel like you've lost attitude or collective control (vertical/horizontal balance and momentum), press the auto hover button to level it out. Using it at high speeds will force it to push upward (if moving forward).
    8. If you're having trouble seeing people at long distances (in daytime or night), turn down your texture and particles settings -- this will smooth out the terrain past what your objects view distance is set to, narrowing down what is a bush and what is wearing a ghillie suit at an attempt to hide.
    9. Firing from a helicopter is neither accurate nor a good idea; but if you've got no other choice (or you want to use the mounted guns) the rule of thumb is to aim and fire in a "box" or "lead" pattern. Box pattern means you're firing at a spot they're moving to, lead is adjusting as they're moving and sensing your shots as you fire to zone in on the target.
    10. If you've got an armored vehicle with a turret, it's best to use your terrain to hide it. That means if you crest a hill, make sure only the turret is visible (if at all) in "defilade." When in defilade, the majority of your vehicle isn't going to be hit by launchers, and it gives you a pretty good head start to back up if they get serious about killing you. Even better if you have a driver -- make sure to tell them when you can see over a hill or around a corner of a building.
    11. Most Exile and vanilla Arma servers have custom controls enabled. Your custom hotkey #2 is linked to the team pointer, meaning if you press the key you have it hotkeyed to it will provide a 3D marker for the rest of your squad to see. Limit of one marker per person, and you can move it around to spot for other people who may or may not have the same line of sight you do.
    12. Do not underestimate the threat level of a guy who took the time to set up a tripod and machine gun at a set distance from a target area -- Most tripod HMGs have a nasty fire rate and can really reach out and touch you if you're not prepared or aware of where they are. If you're the guy with the HMG, even better. Just don't stay in one spot for too long.
    13. Exile specific servers -- If you're a fresh spawn or "bambi", your first priority should be finding equipment in this order: Gun, armor, backpack, vehicle. Switch that up and you're taking risks, especially if you know people are also around the same spawn zone you are.
    14. Helicopters with an independent gunsight (that is, a gunner seat) will sometimes have the gun pointed upward at a ~15 degree angle, simulating an attack run angle for the gunner as if the helicopter was tilted forward. If flying solo, it's probably a good idea to get into the gunner seat before you take off to lower the gun so that the reticle for the gunsight is aligned with or close to the center of the HUD. This makes it easier to manual/command fire from the pilot seat.
    15. Laser designators are a spotter's best friend, especially when the laser is visible to your friends wearing NVGs. Use that to your advantage when spotting AI/players, or lasing a specific target for weapons like the Javelin.
    16. Mods added on a server in addition to Exile sometimes come with different weapons/gunsights. Keep in mind that they are not always perfectly zeroed to the weapon of the same caliber, i.e. mounting an LRPS on an RWS sniper rifle which will produce a huge shift in zero that does not match up with what you have set. Yes, this does mean you have to fire shots at a known distance to fix this zero.

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