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Ring of Elysium

“Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter. We need more feedback to create a better polished game. With players joining the game earlier, we can understand our players better and adjust the final version accordingly.”

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    Loading & Playing Exile

    Want to play Exile but you’re having problems getting Exile loaded correctly? Buckle up buttercup.


    Exile is a great mod to play, the only problem is that you need to load it differently than normal mods found in the Steam Workshop. There are two ways to load and play Exile. The first is to use the vanilla ARMA 3 launcher that is located in your steam library. Before you do that, you need to download the Exile Mod at Exile Mod . This step is somewhat more involved, but it can be done.

    The second (and some would argue easier way) method is to go to A3 Launcher and download the A3 Launcher. I know I know, “another damn launcher”, and normally I would agree. However, in this case it is worth the extra effort/space. The launcher allows you to download Exile and any other mod in one convenient place. It is almost a duplication of effort, but is handy enough to be useful on its own. The launcher is relatively simple to use. Once the launcher is loaded, find the server you want to join (Hint: XSV Exile Altis 100k Start xsvcommunity.com ) and click the play button in the far right of the window. If it is your first time playing Exile you can click on Mods in the top bar and scroll to see the progress of the mods as they install.

    Even if you just want to use the launcher to install Exile, you can still launch your game from the vanilla ARMA launcher. All you need to do is open the ARMA launcher, click parameters in the left hand side, click the all parameters tab at the top, and then click the ellipse (three dots) on the Mods: line. Navigate to where your Exile folder is located (usually in your documents folder for your computer, if you can’t find it then do a search for it and then point to it in the launcher). Once this is done you can load and launch from the vanilla ARMA launcher.  



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