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    PayDay 2 Mods

    mods.7z IPHLPAPI.dll
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    Sublime Text 3: Scripts

    You may need to adapt the paths to your Sublime Text installation. This will add Sublime Text when you rightlick on a file, rightlick on a folder background, and rightclick on a folder. Just double click on the file to add the entries into your registry. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Edit with Sublime Text] @="Edit with &Sublime Text" "Icon"="C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe,0" "MuiVerb"="Edit with Sublime Text" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\Edit with Sublime Text\command] @="C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe \"%1\"" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Sublime] @="Open with Sublime Text" "Icon"="C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe,0" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell\Sublime\command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe\" \"%V\"" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Sublime] @="Open with Sublime Text" "Icon"="C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe,0" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\Sublime\command] @="\"C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe\" \"%1\"" You can always edit and delete these entries by pressing window+r and then write regedit in that panel. There you will see the same path structure, e.g. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell for right click commands. subl.reg
  4. Below is a explantion of the Raw Tab inside of Gibbed. These can be sensitive so back all your save. Raw Tab ActiveMissionNumber- The mission number you currently have selected. AwesomSkillDisabled- This is you Badass Rank, if this the box is checked then when you load your game, all of your will be disabled. BankSlots- You can add space there but I can never seem to get it to work. BlackMarketUpgrades- Here you can change the amount of SDUs you have bought from the Black Market(Ammo, Bank, Inventory Space). Slot Order 0 – Upgrade for assault rifles 0 – Upgrade for pistols 0 – Upgrade for rocket launchers 0 – Upgrade for shotguns 0 – Upgrade for SMGs 0 – Upgrade for sniper rifles 0 – Upgrade for number of grenades 0 – Upgrade for backpack space 0 – Upgrade for bank space 0 – Upgrade for laser weapons game. Have yet to mess with it. CurrencyOnHand- This is just a list that copies what you typed in the Currency tab. DLCExpansionData- The ID number associated with the DLC (Ex. Pirate's Booty = 1). DLCClassPackage- This is the set ID for the DLC character (Ex. Mechromancer = 2). FullyExploredAreas- Here is a list that shows the regions you have fully uncovered. GeneralSkillPoints- This is just a copy of how many skill points the character has. InventorySlotData- Can't change. IsBadassModeSaveGame- Should always say False. IsDLCPlayerClass- Checked for DLC characters such as Mechromancer(and future characters) ItemData- Here you can add items to your character(Relics).Haven't needed to use it before. LastPlaythroughNumber- It might state what playthrough you last played on. LastSavedDate- Means the last time the character was saved. LastVisitedTeleporter- Names the last Fast Travel station you used. LevelChallengeUnlocks- This has something to do with your Challenge completion. LockoutList- Resetting the "Time" to 0 allows you to keep fighting the Raid Bosses. MarketingCodesNeeded- You can unlock certain things pertaining to Pre-order DLC and the Premiere Club. MaxBankSlots- You can change the amount of space in the bank here, but I never used this method. MissionPlaythroughs- Here is a list off your current and active quests. You can change what quest you want to be on and if you've completed it or not. NumChallengePrestiges- Lists the challenges you "Prestige" NumGoldenKeyesNotified- Changing how many keys you have here does not work. OneOffLevelChallengeCompletion- The data for certain Challenges are listed here. PackedItemData- I think this just says how many items are equipped(Grenades, Sheilds, Relics, Class Mods).. PackedWeaponData- I think this just says how many weapons are equipped. PlayerClass- States what class you picked. PlaythroughsCompleted- Here you can change the numbers of playthroughs you have completed(0 means 1st Playthrough, 2 means TVHM). PlotMissionNumber- This number is for what Main Quest mission you're on. But make sure you change the Plot Mission to match this number. QueuedTrainingMessages- This is a blank list. RecievedDefaultWeapon- Checked or Unchecked, it does nothing. RegionGameStages- Here you can enter in specific area/locations in the world and change the levels of the enemies. ResourceData- Here you can change the amount of ammo you have for each of your guns. SaveGameID- Just a copy of the ID in the General tab. ShowNewPlaythroughNotification- Check or Unchecked, it does nothing. SkillData- Here is a list of all you character's skills. You can change the amount of points you used on each. SpecialistSkillPoints- Nobody knows what they are or do. StatsData- Doesn't Change TotalPlayTime- You can change the amount of time spent in the game. UIPreferenceData- Doesn't Change ALL UNKNOWNS- Can't change anything here. UsedMarketingCodes- You can unlock certain things pertaining to Pre-order DLC and the Premiere Club. VistedTeleporters- This is a list of all the Fast Travel Stations you've unlocked. WeaponData- Here you can add and change things about your weapons. I don't use this method though. WorldDiscoveryList- This is a list of all the locations in the world and you can check off the boxes to say "Uncovered". ChallengeList- Here it shows a list of the Challenges that you can complete in
  5. With the summer sale I downloaded Borderlands two again. Figured I would share the updated list from the newest DLC. Remember to take a look at our community Github for the repository containing the gamesave editors. ASSAULT RIFLES: Wild KerBlaster: BL2(hwAAAAAPkACDZgM/CCGT1WIgxPCLAQEDIob//xYY/v8DY/jCgIzh) Nasty KerBlaster: BL2(hwAAAACBPQCDZgM/CCGT1WIoxPCLYQGDIYb//xUY/v8DYzDDgIzh) Plump KerBlaster: BL2(hwAAAABOswCDZgM/CCGT1WIgxPCLAQGDIob//xgY/v8DY3jCgIzh) Slippery KerBlaster (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAAD5WACDZgM/CCGT1WIYxPCLYQGDIob//xcY/v8DY7DCgIzh) Taktikal Madhous!: BL2(hwAAAAAPdACABgM/AiGTxWIoxJCLQQFDIoYGDBMY/v/rYkjDQIzh) Taktikal Madhous! (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAbbgCABgM/AiGTxWIIxJCLYQGDIYYIDBMY/v/rYkjDQIzh) Akurate Madhous! (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADtPACABgM/AiGTxWIYxJCLIQGDIgYHDBkY/v/rYijCQIzh) Expandifide Madhous!: BL2(hwAAAAB4kQCABgM/AiGTxWIgxJCLAQEDIoYGDBgY/v/rYmDCQIzh) Attack Veruc (Slag): BL2(hwAAAADFfwCBJgM/BCGTaWIIxLCLIQEDIoYIDBUY/v/zYiDDYIzh) Onslaught Veruc: BL2(hwAAAACrsgCBJgM/BCGTaWIQxLCLIQHDIYYGDBgY/v/zYmjCYIzh) Onslaught Veruc (Fire): BL2(hwAAAABrawCBJgM/BCGTaWIIxLCLgQEDIgYHDBgY/v/zYmjCYIzh) Deep Veruc: BL2(hwAAAACglwCBJgM/BCGTaWIoxLCLYQFDIoYGDBcY/v/zYqDCYIzh) Deep Veruc (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAKsQCBJgM/BCGTaWIIxLCLQQGDIQYIDBcY/v/zYqDCYIzh) Scout Veruc (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAq9QCBJgM/BCGTaWIQxLCLgQFDIgYHDBkY/v/zYjDCYIzh) Breach Veruc (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAB4NgCBJgM/BCGTaWIoxLCLIQFDIoYHDB0Y/v/zYsDCYIzh) Flush Hammer Buster: BL2(hwAAAABgFgCCRgM/BiGTzWIYxNCLgQHDIYb//xgY/v/7YnDCcIzh) Boss Hammer Buster: BL2(hwAAAABLHACCRgM/BiGTzWIgxNCLgQHDIYb//xUY/v/7YijDcIzh) Razor Hammer Buster: BL2(hwAAAAA9FgCCRgM/BiGTzWIQxNCLAQEDIob//x0Y/v/7YsjCcIzh) Deadshot Hammer Buster: BL2(hwAAAABEmgCCRgM/BiGTzWIQxNCLQQGDIYb//xkY/v/7YjjCcIzh) Severe Shredifier: BL2(hwAAAADVBACEhgM/CiGT3WIoxBCMAQEDIoYGDBkY/v8LY0jCoIzh) Ferocious Shredifier (Shock): BL2(hwAAAACKxwCEhgM/CiGT3WIoxBCMYQHDIQYIDBUY/v8LYzjDoIzh) Ferocious Shredifier (Shock): BL2(hwAAAAAdKACEhgM/CiGT3WIIxBCMIQGDIQYIDBUY/v8LYzjDoIzh) Rabid Shredifier: BL2(hwAAAABJRgCEhgM/CiGT3WIIxBCMAQEDIoYGDBYY/v8LYwDDoIzh) Rabid Shredifier (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACHzQCEhgM/CiGT3WIIxBCMIQEDIoYIDBYY/v8LYwDDoIzh) Rabid Shredifier (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAABlrwCEhgM/CiGT3WIIxBCMIQEDIoYHDBYY/v8LYwDDoIzh) Rabid Shredifier (Fire): BL2(hwAAAACLAwCEhgM/CiGT3WIIxBCMAQEDIgYHDBYY/v8LYwDDoIzh) SNIPER RIFLES: Razrez Lyuda: BL2(hwAAAACPbgCCqINBCiGTmYJpAAMLpgXMBRguMGBg/v/HguEDswvm) Razrez Lyuda (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADcXQCCqINBCiGTmYJpAAML5gWMBRgcMGBg/v/HguEDswvm) Razrez Lyuda (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADcXQCCqINBCiGTmYJpAAML5gWMBRgcMGBg/v/HguEDswvm) Gromky Lyuda (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAACl2QCCqINBCiGTmYJZAAMLpgWMBRgcMGRg/v/HgoEEswvm) Zammechat Lyuda (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADL/QCCqINBCiGTmYJhAAMLhgWMBRgcMF9g/v/HgrkDswvm) Monstrous Volcano (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADu3wCDyINBECGTiYJRAOMKZgUMBRgbMGJg/v+/gikEowvm) Fashionable Volcano (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAtXACDyINBECGTiYJZAOMKZgXMBRgbMGFg/v+/ggEEowvm) Barking Volcano (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAC8dgCDyINBECGTiYJhAOMKpgXMBBgbMGRg/v+/gnkEowvm) Dandy Volcano (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADaTACDyINBECGTiYJhAOMK5gXMBRgbMF9g/v+/grEDowvm) Razrez Skullmasher: BL2(hwAAAACjmgCE6INBCiGTgYJZAMMKhgXMBJj//2Bg/v+3guEDkwvm) Skookum Skullmasher ? : BL2(hwAAAABlGgCE6INBBiGTgYJZAMMKZgXMBZj//2Rg/v+3gnEEkwvm) Skookum Skullmasher: BL2(hwAAAABzXgCE6INBBiGTgYJhAMMKpgXMBJj//2Rg/v+3gnEEkwvm) Ti’kope Skullmasher: BL2(hwAAAACsmQCE6INBBiGTgYJZAMMKhgWMBZj//15g/v+3goEDkwvm) Surgical Pitchfork: BL2(hwAAAAAAOgCBiINBBCGTdYJpAIMKpgUMBRguMF9g/v+ngpkDcwvm) Surgical Pitchfork (Slag): BL2(hwAAAADCvACBiINBBCGTdYJJAIMKxgXMBZgcMF9g/v+ngpkDcwvm) Cartel Pitchfork (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACi/gCBiINBBCGTdYJhAIMKhgWMBZgcMF5g/v+ngnEDcwvm) Cartel Pitchfork (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAAGWgCBiINBBCGTdYJZAIMKxgUMBRgcMF5g/v+ngnEDcwvm) Night Pitchfork (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAyHACBiINBBCGTdYJpAIMKZgWMBRgbMGBg/v+ngsEDcwvm) Auditing Invader (Fire): BL2(hwAAAABM0QCACIRBDCGTbYJhAKMK5gXMBBgbMGRg/v+vgmkEgwvm) Venture Longbow (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADc+wCAaIRBDCGTFYBZAAMNhhfMBBgbMGBg/v8zg8kDQw3m) Thermogenic Longbow (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAC0WwCAaIRBDCGTFYBhAAMNhheMBRgbMF1g/v8zgzkCQw3m) Contingent Longbow (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAB7/ACAaIRBDCGTFYBpAAMNhhfMBRgbMF5g/v8zg3kDQw3m) SHOTGUNS: Social Conference Call (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAm/wACaINADCGTkUJRg+IKJQFKG5QMKA5Q/v+/QvGBggvl) Potential Conference Call: BL2(hwAAAAB6ZgACaINADCGTkUJBg+IKxQAKG5QKKA9Q/v+/QsmBggvl) Reactive Conference Call: BL2(hwAAAAAzhgACaINADCGTkUJRg+IKRQFKG5QKKBFQ/v+/QlmCggvl) Critical Conference Call (Slag): BL2(hwAAAADqkAACaINADCGTkUJJg+IKxQAKHJQMKBBQ/v+/QqGBggvl) Practicable Conference Call: BL2(hwAAAABxKAACaINADCGTkUI5g+IKJQEKG5QKKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference Call (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADV0AACaINADCGTkUJJg+IK5QDKGxQLKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference Call (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAzuQACaINADCGTkUI5g+IKRQGKGxQLKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference Call (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAxYAACaINADCGTkUJBg+IKxQCKGxQMKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference call (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACFxwACaINADCGTkUJZg+IKBQEKHJQMKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference Call (Shock): BL2(hwAAAACB+wACaINADCGTkUJJg+IKBQFKGxQMKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Practicable Conference Call (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADmmwACaINADCGTkUJRg+IK5QAKG5QLKBJQ/v+/QhGDggvl) Rustler’s Striker: BL2(hwAAAACL4QAASINABiGTmUJJgwILxQCKG5T//xJQ/v/HQhmDkgvl) Well Kept Striker: BL2(hwAAAADahwAASINABiGTmUI5gwILxQBKG5T//w5Q/v/HQvmBkgvl) Basic Deliverance (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAB/HgADCINADiGToUJBgyILBQHKGxQLKBFQ/v/PQmmCogvl) Basic Deliverance (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAB05wADCINADiGToUJZgyILBQFKG5QLKBFQ/v/PQmmCogvl) Original Deliverance: BL2(hwAAAAAIhgADCINADiGToUJJgyILJQEKG5QKKA9Q/v/PQtmBogvl) Swiss Deliverance: BL2(hwAAAACbvQADCINADiGToUJJgyILJQEKG5QKKAxQ/v/PQkmCogvl) Swiss Deliverance (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAACkWwADCINADiGToUJBgyILJQEKG5QLKAxQ/v/PQkmCogvl) Sledge’s Shotgun: BL2(hwAAAABhDwAB6IJAAiGTiUJJg8IKBQEKHJQKKA9Q/v+3QrmFYgvl) Sledge’s Shotgun (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAngQAB6IJAAiGTiUJBg8IKJQFKG5QMKBFQ/v+3QrmFYgvl) Sledge’s Shotgun (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAAOfQAB6IJAAiGTiUJJg8IKJQFKG5QLKBJQ/v+3QrmFYgvl) Sledge’s Shotgun (Shock): BL2(hwAAAACtvAAB6IJAAiGTiUJJg8IKxQAKGxQMKBJQ/v+3QrmFYgvl) Sinewy Flakker: BL2(hwAAAABItQAEKINACCGTqUJRg0IL5QDKG5T//w5Q/v/XQgmCsgvl) Potent Flakker: BL2(hwAAAAAKQQAEKINACCGTqUJRg0ILJQFKG5T//w9Q/v/XQuGBsgvl) Casual Flakker: BL2(hwAAAABUBAAEKINACCGTqUJRg0ILBQEKG5T//xJQ/v/XQimDsgvl) Bad Touch Flakker: BL2(hwAAAABtpAAEKINACOHxqEJJg0ILxQDKG5T//xpQ/v/XQpGBsgvl) Barbed Striker: BL2(hwAAAAATUQAASINABiGTmUJZgwILBQGKG5T//wxQ/v/HQkGCkgvl) ROCKET LAUNCHERS: fwap a Nukem (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAADMIABBB4M/CCGTbaIIQzGKggDFGgoIFBko/v+TosBBwYri) Big Badaboom (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAABy1wBDp4I/AiGTXaIQQ9GJggAFGwoIFBwo/v97ojBBkYri) Fast actons Badaboom (Shock): BL2(hwAAAACFLQBDp4I/AiGTXaIQQ9GJggAFG4oJFBgo/v97otBBkYri) Quik Drawler Badaboom (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAADSvQBDp4I/AiGTXaIAQ9GJQgCFGgoIFBko/v97oqhBkYri) Rocket Pawket Badaboom (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAADzMABDp4I/AiGTXaIAQ9GJggBFGwoIFBYo/v97oiBCkYri) Speeedee Badaboom (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACnhwBDp4I/AiGTXaIQQ9GJYgAFGwoKFBoo/v97ooBBkYri) Pertinent Pyrophobia (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAUkABEx4I/ECGTVaIYQ/GJQgAFG4oIFBco/v+DogBCoYri) Puissant Norfleet (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADlNABER4M/ECGTVaIYQ8GLggBFGwoJFBwo/v/TojhBAYzi) Puissant Norfleet (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAncQBER4M/ECGTVaIYQ8GLggBFG4oIFBwo/v/TojhBAYzi) Puissant Norfleet (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAC8jgBER4M/ECGTVaIYQ8GLggBFGwoKFBwo/v/TojhBAYzi) Puissant Norfleet (Shock): BL2(hwAAAABbCABER4M/ECGTVaIYQ8GLggBFG4oJFBwo/v/TojhBAYzi) Parataxis Norfleet (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAB8AABER4M/ECGTVaIYQ8GLIgBFGwoJFBko/v/TorBBAYzi) Pertinent Norfleet (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAD+SQBER4M/ECGTVaIIQ8GLogCFGwoJFBco/v/TogBCAYzi) Victorious Mongol (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAA2tABCJ4M/CiGTlaIQQ2GKQgDFGooIFBco/v+fohhC0Yri) Ruthless Mongol (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACD8gBCJ4M/CiGTlaIAQ2GKogBFG4oJFBgo/v+fovBB0Yri) Ruthless Mongol (Shock): BL2(hwAAAACD8gBCJ4M/CiGTlaIAQ2GKogBFG4oJFBgo/v+fovBB0Yri) Fidle dee Nukem (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAAAOCwBBB4M/CCGTbaIAQzGKggBFGwoIFBoo/v+TophBwYri) Deep a Nukem (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAAAaXwBBB4M/CCGTbaIYQzGKQgDFGgoIFBYo/v+TojhCwYri) derp Nukem (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAABzCgBBB4M/CCGTbaIYQzGKYgDFGgoIFBwo/v+TokhBwYri) Gaa dunk ga Nukem (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAABFGwBBB4M/CCGTbaIYQzGKggCFGwoIFBco/v+TohBCwYri) Stocking Bunny (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAABOhgBA54I/DiGTZaIQQxGKYgDFGgoIFBgo/v+LouBBsYri) Large Bunny (Explosive): BL2(hwAAAABWbgBA54I/DiGTZaIgQxGKIgDFGgoIFBwo/v+LokBBsYri) SMGUNS: Cuting Slagga (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAARYwBAyAJBAiGTxWIZwSKLBQGLChYILCBY/v/PYsHE4ovl) Murduring Slagga (Slag): BL2(hwAAAABe7ABAyAJBAiGTxWIpwSKLRQHLChYILBRY/v/PYuHB4ovl) Bulets Go Fasterifed Slagga (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACoDABAyAJBAiGTxWIZwSKLBQGLChYILBVY/v/PYhHC4ovl) Hefty Baby Maker: BL2(hwAAAADheABE6AJBDiGTvWIpwaKLBQFLChYGLBRY/v/vYgHCMozl) Brisk Baby Maker: BL2(hwAAAAAsIwBE6AJBDiGTvWIpwaKLJQGLChYGLBVY/v/vYjHCMozl) Guaranteed Baby Maker (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAABmuQBE6AJBDiGTvWI5waKL5QALChYHLBNY/v/vYtHBMozl) Rightsizing b****: BL2(hwAAAAA89gBCSANBDCGTpWI5wWKLJQELChYGLBRY/v/fYvHBEozl) Perma-Sharp Baby Maker (Fire): BL2(hwAAAACpWABE6AJBDiGTvWIZwaKLBQFLCpYGLBJY/v/vYqHBMozl) Analytical b****: BL2(hwAAAAAsnwBCSANBDCGTpWIZwWKLRQGLChYGLBNY/v/fYsHBEozl) Analytical b**** (Shock): BL2(hwAAAADgpwBCSANBDCGTpWI5wWKLRQGLCpYHLBNY/v/fYsHBEozl) Analytical b**** (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAzOgBCSANBDCGTpWIhwWKL5QCLChYILBNY/v/fYsHBEozl) Analytical b**** (Fire): BL2(hwAAAACc3gBCSANBDCGTpWI5wWKLRQGLCpYGLBNY/v/fYsHBEozl) Analytical b**** (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAABQ5gBCSANBDCGTpWIZwWKLRQGLChYHLBNY/v/fYsHBEozl) Social b****: BL2(hwAAAABexgBCSANBDCGTpWIpwWKLBQHLChYGLBdY/v/fYnnCEozl) Proactive b**** (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAAIpwBCSANBDCGTpWIhwWKLBQFLChYHLBVY/v/fYiHCEozl) Corporate b**** (Shock): BL2(hwAAAADWXQBCSANBDCGTpWIpwWKLZQHLCpYHLBZY/v/fYlHCEozl) Bladed Emperor (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAA4CgBBCANBBCGTnWIxwUKLJQHLChYHLBJY/v/XYonBAozl) Stopping Emperor: BL2(hwAAAAAMXgBBCANBBCGTnWIhwUKL5QCLChYGLBRY/v/XYunBAozl) Stoic Emperor (Slag): BL2(hwAAAADIFgBBCANBBCGTnWIpwUKLRQFLCpYHLBZY/v/XYknCAozl) Deft Emperor: BL2(hwAAAAAqvABBCANBBCGTnWIxwUKL5QDLChYGLBNY/v/XYrnBAozl) Deft Emperor (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAAOdQBBCANBBCGTnWIxwUKLJQHLChYILBNY/v/XYrnBAozl) Flying Emperor (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAL1ABBCANBBCGTnWI5wUKLBQELCpYGLBVY/v/XYhnCAozl) Acuminous HellFire (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADLBgBDKANBECGTrWIxwYKLBQGLCpYGLBJY/v/nYpnBIozl) Lucid HellFire (Fire): BL2(hwAAAAAIUQBDKANBECGTrWIxwYKLZQHLCpYGLBZY/v/nYlnCIozl) Consummate HellFire (Fire): BL2(hwAAAACfMwBDKANBECGTrWIxwYKLJQFLCpYGLBRY/v/nYvnBIozl) PISTOLS: Two for One Gunerang: BL2(hwAAAADPTwCDpwRADiGTycNwhbEQ4wHG/38JGBow/v8zxDiCsRHj) Super Gunerang (Slag): BL2(hwAAAABKNACDpwRADiGTycOQhbEQQwHG/38KGB0w/v8zxBCDsRHj) Super Gunerang (Shock): BL2(hwAAAABKNACDpwRADiGTycOQhbEQQwHG/38KGB0w/v8zxBCDsRHj) Binary Thunderball Fists (Slag): BL2(hwAAAAC2/QCGJwVAECGTucN4hUEQIwLG/38KGBow/v8XxDCCYRHj) Binary Thunderball Fists (Shock): BL2(hwAAAAC2/QCGJwVAECGTucN4hUEQIwLG/38KGBow/v8XxDCCYRHj) Expendified Cub (Corrossive): BL2(hwAAAAAYtwCAhwRAAiGTicOQhcEPIwLG//8KGBww/v/3w6CCERHj) Baynaneted Cub (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAACIHACAhwRAAiGTicOAhcEPYwHG//8KGCEw/v/3w7CBERHj) Win-Win Logan’s Gun (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADRAgCCZwVADCGTocN4hQEQQwHG//8JGB0w/v8HxPiCQRHj) Evisceration Thunderball Fists (Shock): BL2(hwAAAABFHQCGJwVAECGTucNYhUEQ4wHG/38KGBgw/v8XxJiBYRHj) Two Fer Maggie: BL2(hwAAAADzmgCHRwVABiGTscNohSEQQwHG/////xow/v8PxCiCURHj) Dastardly Maggie: BL2(hwAAAABtGgCHRwVABiGTscOIhSEQYwHG/////x0w/v8PxACDURHj) Loaded Maggie: BL2(hwAAAAAq4ACHRwVABiGTscOIhSEQowHG/////xww/v8PxLiCURHj) Rapid Infinity: BL2(hwAAAACSigCE5wRACiGT6cOIhYEQAwLG/38JGBcw/v8rxMiIgRHj) Discharge Infinity (Shack): BL2(hwAAAAChBACE5wRACiGT6cOAhYEQgwHG/38KGBcw/v8rxBCFgRHj) Dva Infinity (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAABs5QCE5wRACiGT6cOIhYEQ4wHG//8KGAkx/v8rxEiCgRHj) Unending Infinity: BL2(hwAAAAAuwwCE5wRACiGT6cN4hYEQQwHG/38JGBww/v8rxNiCgRHj) Unending Infinity (Slag): BL2(hwAAAACKegCE5wRACiGT6cOAhYEQ4wHG/38KGBww/v8rxNiCgRHj) Purging Infinity: BL2(hwAAAAAjIQCE5wRACiGT6cOIhYEQQwHG/38JGB0w/v8rxCCDgRHj) Purging Infinity (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADGUgCE5wRACiGT6cOQhYEQIwLG//8KGB0w/v8rxCCDgRHj) Resolute Infinity: BL2(hwAAAABdFQCE5wRACiGT6cNwhYEQIwLG/38JGBsw/v8rxJCCgRHj) Burning Infinity (Fire): BL2(hwAAAADq2ACE5wRACiGT6cNwhYEQAwLG//8JGBcw/v8rxNiEgRHj) Caustic Infinity (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADwzACE5wRACiGT6cOQhYEQAwLG//8KGBcw/v8rxKCEgRHj) Patriot’s Infinity: BL2(hwAAAADoVgCE5wRACiGT6cNohYEQwwHG/38JGBgw/v8rxKiBgRHj) Patriot’s Infinity (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAAB0MwCE5wRACiGT6cOIhYEQ4wHG//8KGBgw/v8rxKiBgRHj) Peppy Gunerang: BL2(hwAAAADRWQCDpwRADiGTycNohbEQgwHG/38JGB4w/v8zxFiDsRHj) Super Gunerang (Slag): BL2(hwAAAABKNACDpwRADiGTycOQhbEQQwHG/38KGB0w/v8zxBCDsRHj) Jam Packed Gunerang (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAABXPQCDpwRADiGTycOQhbEQQwHG//8KGBww/v8zxMiCsRHj) Jam Packed Gunerang (Shock): BL2(hwAAAADpAQCDpwRADiGTycOQhbEQQwHG/38KGBww/v8zxMiCsRHj) Loaded Hornet (Corrosive): BL2(hwAAAADkdACBxwRABCGTmcOQheEPAwLG//8KGBww/v//w6iCMRHj) Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold: BL2(hwAAAAASiwCFBwVACCGT2cOAhWEQAwLG/////xow/v8fxECCcRHj)
  6. BlynD

    STEAM Summer Sale

    Anything good?
  7. BlynD

    Gun pr0n

    Something happened to the photos. Apologies not quite sure.
  8. BlynD

    Battlefield 5

    Who plans to buy this one?
  9. BlynD

    TV Shows to catch

    He is not wrong with this one.
  10. BlynD


    Signed up!
  11. BlynD

    Escape From Tarkov

    Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walk through. Fight the scavs and get out ALIVE!!
  12. BlynD

    ArmA 4 Wishlist?

    Well do it @Colby. You know how to add to the server. Ask @Sch1ndlersFistfor access.
  13. BlynD

    Minutman kit.

    This is yours?
  14. BlynD

    Crypt VPN

    @foesublime @Sch1ndlersFist Sublime - In attempts to explain why you were having issues with DNS. The original idea was to implement DNSCurve client-side for pre-connect DNS security. This essientally blocks your ISP from knowing you have even turned on your system. i.e. It appear's your computer never exsisted. Since no stable windows DNSCurve code is out (yet?, I DONT FUCKING KNOW IM LEARNING !! So work with me dicks), I've decided to just use dnscrypt. So some of the data in the section below this one is now outdated, although in the future we still might switch to DNSCurve for pre-connect stuff if there ever is a stable win32/64 build of it. The idea is fairly simple, v3 widget will use dnscrypt-proxy to connect to one of the IPs listed in dnscrypt-resolvers.csv so that if your ISP is sniffing your DNS, then your ISP will be unable to see that you're trying to resolve (for example) windows-uswest.cstorm.pw. Might be a little bit overkill, but we like overkill when anonymity/security is involved :-) We're still using CurveDNS as the internet facing side of DeepDNS, simply because I still think that the code is pretty damn good and haven't discovered a cleaner system Since v3 of the new config includes DNSCrypt v2, I'm switching the list of public resolvers from the old .txt + DNS A record format (that was rarely updated since 2012) to the same dnscrypt-resolvers.csv format that dnscrypt-proxy uses (included in v3 widget). Shortly, you will have to view the file in raw format to see the IPs. it'll be listed as ip:443 there. Those IPs are the same as the DeepDNS IPs, so if you want to use DeepDNS outside of the widget (linux, openvpn GUI on win, etc.), use those. deepDNS CS = cryptostorm ddns = deepDNS For the sake of brevity DNS over ddns normally happens as such: client gets on CS, OpenVPN pushes the exit node's ddns IP to the client, client then uses that for all DNS requests. client tries to resolve whatever.. DNS request hits the internet facing CurveDNS process. *Note: I haven't actually implemented DNSCurve at this point Another note: The reason for CurveDNS as the public facing daemon, is simply because the code appears to be solid, and we will be using it's other features very soon. So since the request is regular DNS and not CurveDNS, it gets forwarded to the recursive DNS server running on (on the exit node). is the powerdns-recursor process. Our pdns-recursor uses this in it's config: forward-zones=bit.=,dns.=,eth.=,p2p.=,onion.=,i2p.= That translates to: send DNS requests for whatever.bit to the DNS server at whatever.dns to the DNS server at whatever.eth to the DNS server at whatever.p2p to the DNS server at whatever.onion to the DNS server at whatever.i2p to the DNS server at is DNSChain, which forwards to namecoind to provide blockchain-based DNS for those TLDs (.bit, .dns, .eth, .p2p). is tor, or more specifically, a tor instance with "DNSPort" in it's torrc. is for .i2p, but this one is a little tricky... * the daemon actually listening on this port is unbound, (only because I don't know a way to add a single, static wildcard A record for a TLD to pdns-recursor, so unbound is used). unbound does: local-zone: "i2p" redirect local-data: "i2p A" so all *.i2p domains resolve to privoxy is then setup to listen on ddns-ip:8118 and to forward all .i2p requests to the http proxy server on port 4444. (the lovely config directive "forward / fuckoff" is used in privoxy to prevent people from using privoxy to go anywhere else, which is redundant since this is a VPN, but it does prevent 10.* access, and iptables stops anything external). Then iptables comes into play: iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination ddns-ip:8118 iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination ddns-ip:8118 That means DNS requests for i2p.xsv.io (xsv.io is my goto test site) goes to unbound, which goes to privoxy, which goes to iptables, which goes to the http proxy the actual i2p daemon uses, which was executed with ~/i2p --httpproxyport=4444. If this is confusing good. Mean's it works lol. Trust me it only takes a couple hours to learn the vernacular and concept. Update will be available for download next week after meeting. I have a few IP"s and requests to set up before I want to attempt this again. Otherwise your current Auto DNS is no issue. Your ISP can observe that outbound traffic is present but is not able to read. -Blynd
  15. BlynD

    New Handgun

    I'm going into the pistol market here shortly, figure I would get some opinions. I recently was approved to carry in "contained" areas at my project. The current Berreta I have is bulkier then I would like it to be when I work. I also recently bought a fantastic CCW bag from Maxpedition which I approve ( link below). I am looking to get something striker fired, durable, reliable, lightweight, quality material, and rather small but not tiny hand small (midsize). Any suggestions would be awesome. Looking to buy before April. Currently eyeing: Glock P320 Maxpedition Link: Gridflux™

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