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  1. *** This guide will be updated periodically when new ideas come to mind *** There are a lot of people in the xsvCommunity who enjoy playing shooter games and have tried to switch over to Siege. While many of you are great at aiming, there are some things that are different about Siege that I feel you could use some pointers on. These are not set in stone and are completely open for (polite) debate. These are basic tips to keep in mind while on both Attack and Defense. Please don’t belittle anyone for not understand what you think are basic topics – everyone is relatively new to the game. ALL OF THESE POINTS WILL WORK FOR EVERY GAME MODE OF SIEGE. - Basics - POINTS DO NOT MATTER. At the end of the game, the only thing that matters is that the team wins. K/D, score, nothing else matters. Try to keep this in mind, because this will help you understand many of the points I bring up later on. Attack Droning: This is the main thing that I was hinting at with the “POINTS DON’T MATTER” portion. It does not matter if you identify where the bomb is. The main thing you need to worry about when in the drone portion of the attacking round (first 30 seconds) is where to put your drone. To your team, verbally identify where the bomb is if you find it and immediately get your drone on the peripherals of the sites. Why? This is to identify who the roamers are and where they are going. Try to spread your drones throughout the map so that it doesn’t take as long to drone out said roamers. The faster you can clear out the exterior of the bomb sites, the more time you have to close fast on the bomb sites and wait for the defense to make mistakes. You are now in control of the round, and can take your time with your attack. Communications: Accurate and timely communications can mean the difference between an easy round and a loss. Work on learning the map and all of its callouts. Most maps have common callouts: i.e. “Yellow Stairs” (or “Yellow”), “Blue Stairs” (“Blue”), “Red Stairs” (“Red”), etc. The callouts for these areas are often very obvious – if you don’t know the callout, what is the defining feature of the location this person is in? That is more than likely the callout. Try to get as much info as you can before making the callout: How many? What Operator/s is it? Is he holding an angle? Is he pushing? Is he inside or repelled on a window? Do they have a hard breacher (Thermite/Hibana/Maverick)? Is it a Twitch drone? Where? Get as much info as quickly as you can and make a timely call. Make sure everyone is ready before moving in to take the site: Do you guys have the flank covered? Is anyone going to try to flank? Do you have a hardbreacher? If not, do you have a suitable distraction taken care of so that you can get through the doorway/window you want to breach? Defense Do not reinforce between sites: There are special circumstances where you MIGHT reinforce between sites, but unless you have a plan laid out for doing so NEVER reinforce between sites. Typically you’ll even want to blow a rotation hole open with an impact grenade to make it easier to see and move from site to site without going through chokepoints like doors or windows. Look for walls that are on the exterior of the sites and reinforce there: Quick and simple rule = if you don’t know where to reinforce, reinforce a wall that’s on the exterior of the sites you are defending or in an area where you notice attackers breaching often. Lose a round to a fast rush from an area near site that no one noticed? Go reinforce that wall next time! Try to have a well-rounded team: This is a two-part tip: Choose an operator that you believe will be useful for the site you are defending. Based off how the current meta is played, how do you think the other team will attack your site? Choose operators based off of that. Play operators that will not only defend your sites well but complement each other. What will complete your team? Notice that your team already has a Jaeger, Bandit, Rook, and a Lesion? Consider what your team is missing. In this scenario, you could be missing an operator that will bring your team additional intel. Maybe a Valkyrie would complete it. Maestro or Echo would also be a good fit.
  2. SiixSeasons

    Goodbye my friend...

    Jason, I never got to know you as well as everyone else did. Life has happened the past few months for me andI haven’t been around as much as I’d have liked. But I saw the effect that you had on the others in the organization. You were a natural leader to a lot of people in XsV. You were fun, you were steady. Rest easy, brother.
  3. SiixSeasons

    A question for the Excessive Gaming community

    NTAK, No disrespect meant, but we don't really care what their opinions are of us. We're resting easy knowing that we don't steal from people who donate to us. I'd like to respectfully ask that you keep this to yourself; for someone who said that you don't want to "dredge up any drama," you're trying to bring a lot to us. I will be locking this thread so that no more of this is posted. Thanks. Six (Kyle)
  4. SiixSeasons

    A question for the Excessive Gaming community

    NTAK, Putting stress on "not wanting to bring up past drama," XsV stopped playing on/with MiG due to the exact reasons you left. Also, once again apologize for not getting back to you in a timely manner. ~Six

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