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  1. Sch1ndlersFist

    Goodbye my friend...

    Jason, I'm so glad that I was fortunate enough to be able to know you and game with you. It's still hard to believe that one night I'm playing Rainbow 6 with you and then not even 24 hours later I learn that you have left us. I'm going to miss you being around not only as a gamer but as a fellow leader in this community. You did so much for us and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you Jason's parents for raising such a wonderful and talented young man that will be forever missed by me and so many in the online communities. Love, Matt
  2. Sch1ndlersFist

    Performance Benchmarks

    Unigine Heaven benchmark.
  3. Sch1ndlersFist

    Share Your Build

  4. Sch1ndlersFist

    Performance Benchmarks

    Cinebench OpenGL & CPU benchmark. Not sure why it says Windows 8 though. It's definitely Windows 10 Pro.
  5. Sch1ndlersFist

    Tanoa has been liberated!

    Nice! Malden OPFOR better be ready!
  6. Sch1ndlersFist

    Altis has been liberated!

  7. Sch1ndlersFist

    Altis has been liberated!

    ROE for @Reichtangle is getting locked down tighter than a drum on Tanoa. You have been warned.
  8. Sch1ndlersFist

    Altis has been liberated!

    Gentlemen, As of 7/17/2018 Atlis is liberated of all CSAT forces! Check out the video below for our stats (my rabbit kills) and @xXxThe_ApolloxXx breathing. Our next mission is to liberate the peoples of Tanoa so stand by and gear up! 2018_07_17_16_15_30-clp.mp4
  9. Sch1ndlersFist

    Destiny 2 50% Off Til 4/6

    I had a code for that game but it expired. Not going to buy it lol
  10. Sch1ndlersFist


    @Praetorian lol. I'm signed up for the beta for this one @xXxThe_ApolloxXx
  11. Sch1ndlersFist

    Battlefield 5

    I'm going to wait until we can see more of it but right now I'm on the fence of "meh" and "maybe".
  12. Sch1ndlersFist

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah this looks really good! I'll be playing this for sure.
  13. Sch1ndlersFist


    STORY Western control over the Middle East's natural resources sparked conflict, leading to strong opposition from Russia and China. To contest this dominance, Russia set up a transnational corporation called the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN) and hired Private Military Companies to protect their investments in the area. Pressured, western governments hired their own PMCs, ultimately worsening the geopolitical scene. In 2023, a volcanic eruption caused a Megatsunami which swept up the Atlantic coast and annihilated numerous nuclear power plants. The radioactive spills were devastating. With the western control in the Middle East weakened, EDEN seized the opportunity to capture the capitals and monopolize the region’s resources. Unable to compete alone, the USA and Europe established the North Atlantic Federation, or NAF. By 2025, NAF and EDEN have entered an all-out war to secure control over the Middle East and the resources it holds. The conflict has spread around the globe and it is up to you, PMC mercenaries, to pick a side and fight with your team to secure victory.
  14. Sch1ndlersFist

    Who wants to fly....

  15. Sch1ndlersFist

    New Gaming System Build

    @NTAK, are you needing this system right now or are you willing to wait? I bought all of my major components on or around Black Friday last year and saved a ton of money. Considering the current market, pre-builts are not a bad idea. Is your heart set on the Strix 1080Ti or are you willing to go with a different one?

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