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  1. Currahee320

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer buddy, it sucks that you aren't here anymore to wow us with stories from the yard, or play games with us well into the night. You were gone too soon. It sucks to not be able to hear your snarky "yes dad", or any of the other Acerisms you bestowed upon us. I still find it difficult to believe. One night I am listening to you guys play R6S, the next night, gone. I was always impressed with your technical skill and personable abilities. I honestly cannot remember anyone speaking ill of you. You were our ambassador and diplomat to other communities. Everyone knew Acer, and Acer knew everyone. I remember the first time we met you. We were all playing Exile in your server, and you played with us and helped us the whole time. Even when others wanted to shun us. Since then you have become a true friend in every sense of the word. If I had to describe you, it would be to say you were a true renaissance man. Someone who was capable of doing many things, and doing them well. Famous Sci-Fi writer Robert Heinlein once wrote "A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." I can think of no better quote to sum up your character and heart. Hell, even my son was sad to hear you go. He remembers us chatting several times and was genuinely sad. That is just a fraction of how far your influence spread, and an ever smaller fraction of how much you will be missed. A phrase comes to mind when I think back to the value of your friendship and camaraderie when we knew you were gone, it was like watching a beautiful sunset, at noon. To Acer's family: I cannot fathom the pain you must feel, and any words I say cannot come close to expressing my condolences. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose my own son and it terrifies me like nothing else. You should all be proud beyond words of everything your son accomplished, not only in life but within the gaming community as well. I don't even mean technically, I mean personally and as a great human being. Your son was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He could be raunchy as the best of them, strictly professional, adaptive, caring, and very empathetic towards his fellow man. I am forced to wonder why he was taken from us so young. It is then I realize that maybe he wasn't meant to be here long with us, but maybe he was meant to touch our lives in the ways that he did. I consider myself beyond fortunate to have known him and have called him a friend. Thank you for raising a wonderful son, and helping him to become a man I respected. A man whom I would be proud to have my son emulate. I can think of no higher praise.
  2. Currahee320


    Just a reminder, SCUM goes early access on Steam in 4 days (29Aug2018). Be sure to check it out.
  3. Currahee320

    Altis has been liberated!

    Fixed it for you. You're welcome.
  4. Currahee320


    Some great scifi authors: Peter F. Hamilton (Reality Dysfunction series, Judas Unchained series, & Red Dragon) Allan Cole & Chris Bunch (Sten series and the independent books by Chris Bunch) Ian Douglas (Star Carrier series, Star Marine Corps series) David Weber (Honor Harrington series) Richard Fox (Ember War series & Terran Armor Corps) Mike Shepard (Kris Longknife series) Craig Alanson (Expeditionary Force series) Jay Allan (Crimson Worlds series and their offshoots, Blood on the Stars series) Evan Currie (Odysseus series) Shane Lochlan Black (Starships at War series) Raymond L Weil (Earth Fall series, Star Cross series) BV Larson (Undying Mercenaries series) Vaugh Heppner (Lost Starship series) Shane VanAulen (Starwolf Squadron series) Marko Kloos (Frontlines series) Glyn Stewart (Castle Federation series) MR Forbes (Chaos of the Covenant series) Nick Webb (Legacy Ship series) CJ Carella (Warp Marine Corps series) There are more, but this is probably enough lol Oh and if you like alternate history, Harry Turttledove did a series where the South won the Civil War and the two countries fight each other on and off through what would be WW2 in our timeline.
  5. Currahee320

    STEAM Summer Sale

    Yeah several games on sale that I would consider buying, Your Mileage May Vary however. Some RTS games I have been eyeing are super cheap, along with Rocket League and a few others.
  6. Currahee320

    Meme Bank...Please deposit

    Credit to @Reichtangle
  7. Currahee320

    STEAM Summer Sale

    Alright ladies, the STEAM summer sale is on! Get em while they are hot!
  8. Currahee320


    SCUM is a supermax open world survival game with amazing amounts of customizations for your character, skills, abilities, and more. I highly recommend checking out their Steam page and putting it on your wishlist. The game will start open early access in August of this year for $19.99.
  9. Currahee320

    Battlefield 5

    I'm in, I think it will be fun and will bring us some unity lol
  10. Currahee320

    Loading & Playing Exile

    Want to play Exile but you’re having problems getting Exile loaded correctly? Buckle up buttercup. Exile is a great mod to play, the only problem is that you need to load it differently than normal mods found in the Steam Workshop. There are two ways to load and play Exile. The first is to use the vanilla ARMA 3 launcher that is located in your steam library. Before you do that, you need to download the Exile Mod at Exile Mod . This step is somewhat more involved, but it can be done. The second (and some would argue easier way) method is to go to A3 Launcher and download the A3 Launcher. I know I know, “another damn launcher”, and normally I would agree. However, in this case it is worth the extra effort/space. The launcher allows you to download Exile and any other mod in one convenient place. It is almost a duplication of effort, but is handy enough to be useful on its own. The launcher is relatively simple to use. Once the launcher is loaded, find the server you want to join (Hint: XSV Exile Altis 100k Start xsvcommunity.com ) and click the play button in the far right of the window. If it is your first time playing Exile you can click on Mods in the top bar and scroll to see the progress of the mods as they install. Even if you just want to use the launcher to install Exile, you can still launch your game from the vanilla ARMA launcher. All you need to do is open the ARMA launcher, click parameters in the left hand side, click the all parameters tab at the top, and then click the ellipse (three dots) on the Mods: line. Navigate to where your Exile folder is located (usually in your documents folder for your computer, if you can’t find it then do a search for it and then point to it in the launcher). Once this is done you can load and launch from the vanilla ARMA launcher.
  11. Currahee320

    Vehicle ownership conditions.

    Not that I disagree, but do you think we should then do away with the no stealing rule in safe zone? You already can't steal anything you don't have ownership of in safezone. This would ensure that people get into their vehicles and look in their boxes.
  12. Currahee320

    Weapon & Vehicle Guide

    A guide to the capabilities of weapons, air vehicles, and ground vehicles in use on our server and sold at the trader. If you have any additions please message @Currahee320

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