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  1. Team XSV

    Goodbye my friend...

    As a result of Acer’s sudden passing, most of us (if not all of us) never got a chance to say goodbye or let him know how he impacted our lives. Additionally, many of us would like a way to pass on our condolences to Acer’s loved ones. In order to facilitate that we are starting this forum posting to gather well wishes and to share personal stories of our dealings with Acer and how he enriched all of our lives. If you can remember a time where he helped you out, or just said a kind word and laughed with you, feel free to share it. Please know that the intent of this forum is not only for us to say goodbye, but also for us to express our admiration and our condolences to Acer’s family.
  2. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our own. Jason Rebele, otherwise known as @acer5200 or Dr. McNinja, passed away on September 20 th, 2018. At only 26 years old, Acer was a well-known and well-respected leader within our community. Additionally, he was well known in many other gaming communities as well as the Arma 3 community as a developer and administrator. Acer’s tireless work throughout the Arma community was appreciated beyond what words could describe. He was seen by many as a fair and highly competent administrator and developer in the many communities he participated in. His tireless contributions and efforts helped to ensure that several communities game servers functioning properly and efficiently. Not only will his technical abilities and contributions be missed, but his friendship and comradery will be felt as an even greater loss for all who knew him. His family is setting up a GoFundMe account for donations. Even if you are unable to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the page in whatever social media outlet you desire. Once that information has been acquired, we will disseminate it to various community leaders as quickly as possible. The memorial service for Acer will be Sunday, September 30th from 1pm-5pm, those interested in attending can contact @BlynD or @Currahee320 for more info. Letters, gifts, and donations will be sent as a group with a community representative. A thread in the forums is being created for anyone that would like to say good bye to @acer5200 . Afterwards, the thread will be sent to his family to show how much he meant to everyone.
  3. Come and join us for our first ever Liberation live stream hosted by WTF Nation Gaming!
  4. Team XSV

    XSV Liberation Live Stream

    Live Stream Event with WTF Nation Gaming in our new Liberation server. Come and enjoy the hijinx!
  5. SERVER IP: Required Mods: CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units Community Base Addons RHS: USAF Kimi's HMD's Suggested Mods Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Blastcorp JSRS Soundmod HMDs CUP RHS CUP Maps Included: Malden Tanoa Altis Chernarus Sara Takistan Tanoa Lythium Taunus
  6. SERVER IP: Required Mods: Exile.... yes we have had to tell people... CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CUP Units Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation RHS: United States Forces Community Base Addons Kimi's HMD's Suggested Mods Blastcore HMD's CUP RHS HMD's JSRS Sound Mod Server Features Virtual Garage Hacking Grinding Raiding Base Height Limit Stealable Flags Crate System Trophy Integration Claim Vehicle Bambi Deploy Vehicle Towing Support Locations: Report a Bug:
  7. Team XSV

    Backing up your Profile: KOTH

    Backing Up you Arma 3 King Of The Hill "KOTH" Profile is very easy, and should be done on a regular basis, to protect your hard earned Levels and Cash. Go to Computer, then select Documents, You will see a Folder called "Arma 3". If you have more then one game profile you will also see a folder called "Arma 3 - Other Profiles" Select and copy these folders to a Thumb or USB Drive. We Recommend backing up to a different physical drive to also guard against hardware failure. It is suggested to change the file name and timestamp. Simple as that. Be aware, once V10 of KOTH is released it is anticipated your future profiles will be stored on Sa-matra's servers, making this procedure redundant for KOTH. However this procedure can be used to back up setting and information for other Arma 3 Mods, as well as any Custom Missions you have created in the Editor.
  8. Team XSV

    Community Raffle

    We are happy to announce, after some great Black Friday sales we now have some items we will be raffling off. Please stay in tune will we work out some details. Prizes will be announced on 12/5/2017.
  9. Team XSV

    Exile Server Suggestions

    Have any suggestions or anything you would like to see if our exile server? Post here.
  10. Take a look at Operation White Noise.... First up DOKKAEBI Like most women they know how to annoy us by phone. This lady is clearly one to stay the hell away from.... She not only wants to go through your phone, she is not going to ask permission. Armed with a tablet she is going to hack your shit to find you and murder you... Not only is she going to find you, when she kills you she will take your phone and go for your friends. Korean women are clearly CRAZY.... Second up. VIGIL This guy will probably be another roamer but doesn't appear to be super useful to the team in my opinion... Time will tell. That being said his ability is pretty cool. It appears he has been in relations with DOKKAEBI as he has the ability to hide from enemy camera's. His skill will make him temporarily invisible when a camera is within point of view. He will still be visible to naked eye so this isn't too OP. Saving the best for last.... ZOFIA Double Barrel Grenade launcher packed with impact and concussion grenades.. Don't need to say anything else..
  11. Team XSV


    [USER="22"]RedJhonn[/USER] Can you please give me a little more info into what is currently happening? I will be glad to help out but I'm a little confused on what your experiencing. I am currently at work so can't log in to observe I can try to fix remote. Is this a persistant vehicle, purchased, or misson? Are you leaving outside of virtual garage? You mentioned this happened before do you know what day? It currently is set up to clear vehicles outside of virtual garage twice a week to help save some memory on active server. I am more then willing to change this around. Typically it happens on the "main reset" at 3:00am CST Tuesday and Friday.
  12. Team XSV

    Share Your Build

    This is the official topic for sharing your pc build. Please keep on topic with current builds. Any wishlist, recommendations, suggestions, etc should be in the appropriate topic. Please try to follow template. CPU: Motherboard: Memory: Video Card: Storage Drives: Cases: Cooling System:
  13. Team XSV

    Website Update

    As everyone is aware we have made some extreme changes to the restructure in the past few months. I appreciate the patience during this migration to our own datacenter. Here is a few things to update. Our goal was to protect ourselves and boost our security due to recent events. We have successfully completed the build of our own "In house" datacenter located in Chicago. This has helped achieve a few mentionable items. Most important: We own our data. What that means is the information in which you share in ANY of our servers is now COMPLETELY secure and not shared with ANY outside parties. We own ALL the equipment. No more handing money to anyone outside of the community. We control the money and will bring the best experience to the community as the current world of technology allows. No more making separate accounts for games or services in which we provide. We control you handlers and make your access simple. The help's our older members... Clouded Servers: Allowing us to backup anything you need. We act is your FREE cloud! This of course is for "Donor's only" In-House VPN's. Don't pay for the crappy public VPN's which track and log your information. We don't want your crap so we throw it in the trash. Upload ANYTHING! Members are granted the ease of CKEditor 4x. Allowing your post's to be made how you want it ! Private Teams: Allowing you to create groups and private forums that you control with your friends. Meaning you moderate NOT us ! Did we mention? No more of your information will be shared throughout the internet. We monitor for that crap. There is a few downfalls.... We were unable to recover the previous website archives.... This is sad because we have lost give or take 10 years of amazing posts, knowledge, pictures, videos, etc. Trust me this is a HUGE bummer and we sincerely apologize. However we do still have the old websites available if there is a specific item that you are searching for. Send a support member a message and we will do our best ! We hope you enjoy the new website and will always be doing the best to upgrade throughout the coming years.

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