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  1. acer5200

    Goodbye my friend...

    Currahee320 Thank you for making the trip to my home and for the kind and inspiring words you had for my son. I am so glad that our family now sees that being a gamer is NOT the same as playing games on the computer as I have been trying to explain to them for years. To see that Acer was so much more and meant so much to other people. It has been a very rough week for me as you can imagine. Keep Ace's "snarkiness" alive and let him NOT be forgotten. Respectfully, Judie Rebele aka Maniac_Mom aka Acer's mom. God Speed to all
  2. acer5200

    Goodbye my friend...

    This is his mom. I'm speechless from all the wonderful memories and words that the gaming community has for Jase. I was always worried that he didn't have a social life but after hacking into his computer (shhhh don't tell} I have come to realize he socialized more than any of us knew. I guess this is the way of the new world. Again Thank you all. I was going to open a Go Fund Me page but have decided instead to ask the gaming community to make Donations in his name to any of the following: The American Lung Association (his father has end stage COPD/Emphysemia) The Disabled American Veterans (DAV - his dad is a Vietnam Vet) The Humane Society The Police Athletic League and finally if you ever get a phone solicitation from the Police Benevolent Association, PLEASE Do Not Hang Up!!! Again thank you for all your well wishes and kind words. I realize i wasn't such a bad mom as I thought! Please share my thanks with the other boards he was involved in. You can leave me messages by PM on his FB page ; Jason Rebele
  3. acer5200

    Tanoa has been liberated!

    Next up - Malden!
  4. acer5200

    A3 Liberation

    We've added a new feature, Dynamic Aircraft Loadouts. To access this feature, you and the vehicle you're modifying need to be within 50 meters of a refuel, rearm, and repair source. To access the menu, simply hit the '0' key, then scroll to the 'Supports' menu ('8') key, then select 'Aircraft Loadout Module`. This will allow you to modify the aircraft pylons, and the ability to change what weapons you have.
  5. acer5200

    Super Sweet Movies

    The sequel to both Unbreakable and Split - Glass. Coming January 2018
  6. acer5200

    Exile Server Suggestions

    Right now we're looking at a para-militarized Lythium map, running RHS/CUP/TRYK/SMA/FFAA and a couple of optional mods. The box itself has the potential to run 2, maybe even 3, servers, so adding in a fully militarized altis winter, or maybe Australia can be discussed in the future.
  7. acer5200

    Share Your Build

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/acer5200/saved/8TTbvK Haven't bought everything just yet, but this is basically what it looks like.

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