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  1. Zombiekiller5072

    Goodbye my friend...

    Acer, though I have never played with you and sadly will ever get the chance to get to meet you, I'm still grieving at the fact that someone in this community who everyone loved dearly and it upsets me so much to see this happen to someone so young who had their whole life ahead of them suddenly be taken away because of a couple of seconds. To his family... I can't imagine the sadness going through this family, I've been grateful to never experience the hardship of a family member pass away yet but I could imagine it would be very hard to deal with especially when it's you child. I just want to say that Jason, from what i've heard was an amazing person to be around and was loved throughout not only this community but many other communities and he'll be missed dearly. You raised an amazing person who was talented and loved and I hope he is at peace now.

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