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Passing of Community Member

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                It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our own. Jason Rebele, otherwise known as @acer5200  or Dr. McNinja, passed away on September 20 th, 2018. At only 26 years old, Acer was a well-known and well-respected leader within our community. Additionally, he was well known in many other gaming communities as well as the Arma 3 community as a developer and administrator. Acer’s tireless work throughout the Arma community was appreciated beyond what words could describe. He was seen by many as a fair and highly competent administrator and developer in the many communities he participated in. His tireless contributions and efforts helped to ensure that several communities game servers functioning properly and efficiently. Not only will his technical abilities and contributions be missed, but his friendship and comradery will be felt as an even greater loss for all who knew him.

His family is setting up a GoFundMe account for donations. Even if you are unable to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share the page in whatever social media outlet you desire. Once that information has been acquired, we will disseminate it to various community leaders as quickly as possible. The memorial service for Acer will be Sunday, September 30th from 1pm-5pm, those interested in attending can contact @BlynD or @Currahee320 for more info. Letters, gifts, and donations will be sent as a group with a community representative.

A thread in the forums is being created for anyone that would like to say good bye to @acer5200 . Afterwards, the thread will be sent to his family to show how much he meant to everyone.


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