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Ring of Elysium

“Ring of Elysium is a multiplayer online battle royale shooter. We need more feedback to create a better polished game. With players joining the game earlier, we can understand our players better and adjust the final version accordingly.”

Everyone needs a little RAINBOW ! ! ! !

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Take a look at Operation White Noise....





Like most women they know how to annoy us by phone.  This lady is clearly one to stay the hell away from....  She not only wants to go through your phone, she is not going to ask permission.  Armed with a tablet she is going to hack your shit to find you and murder you... Not only is she going to find you, when she kills you she will take your phone and go for your friends.  Korean women are clearly CRAZY....




Second up.  VIGIL



This guy will probably be another roamer but doesn't appear to be super useful to the team in my opinion... Time will tell.  That being said his ability is pretty cool.  It appears he has been in relations with DOKKAEBI as he has the ability to hide from enemy camera's.  His skill will make him temporarily invisible when a camera is within point of view.  He will still be visible to naked eye so this isn't too OP.



Saving the best for last....  ZOFIA



Double Barrel Grenade launcher packed with impact and concussion grenades..  Don't need to say anything else..




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